An ambitious outcome on agriculture is ranked on top of Egypt's first priorities, proceeding in New Land Reclamation Programs on the area of 1.8 m. feddans at an annual rate of 150 thousand feddans of the land.

With a population of nearly 100 million, Egypt is one of the most densely populated countries in the region; Egypt is a promising market with a lot of potentials and offers an attractive investment environment.

Egypt's location in the north east corner of Africa, between the continents of the world is vital to Middle East and African business and an amazing asset for any investor who wishes to tap this region

The Government of Egypt places great importance into the agricultural sector, recognizing its significant role in the national economy, supporting Agricultural researchers, marketing extension, as well as creation of conductive environment for Egyptian, Arab and Foreign investors to lunch initiatives in agricultural production, post harvest and export projects.

Agriculture is critical to the Egyptian economy. The Egyptian farmer sector has long had a strong export focus over the last ten years, exports of agricultural goods have grown significantly with an ongoing expansion of major export crops currently internationally, required such as, cotton, oranges, potatoes, fruit and vegetables (table grapes, strawberry, onion, green garlic, green beans, etc…)